Difference Between Liquid Limestone and Exposed Aggregate

When we talk of outdoor flooring, we would normally think durable and be able to withstand all weather conditions. For most part, that is true. Outdoor flooring has to be all that since they are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions day in and day out. However, we also would like to make our homes as beautiful as possible and that would include the exterior. We may not think a lot about it but exterior flooring can greatly impact the aesthetics of our home.

Usually exterior flooring is not just durable but it is also pleasant to look at. Exterior flooring does a lot to add to the home’s beauty so it has to look good as well. There are many exterior flooring to choose from. Two of the most popular floorings though are liquid limestone and exposed aggregate. They are both popular because they are not only durable and require minimal maintenance, they are also very graphically beautiful to behold. Both have different attributes that would suit them better to a certain kind of environment.

Liquid limestone is best for driveways and pool sides. This is because it has a non-slip characteristic that will make it practical for use in wet surfaces. Also, it remains cool no matter how hot the weather gets which is extremely useful for outdoor flooring which can be exposed to a lot of heat from the sun. Exposed aggregate on the other hand is best suited for gardens and pathways because of its skid resistant quality. It also has more texture and color which makes it visually very beautiful to look at and would complement your garden well.

Since both liquid limestone and exposed aggregate are durable, they make perfect exterior flooring. Also maintenance for both is low once they are sealed. We normally do not spend a lot of time in the upkeep of our exterior so these qualities make it just right for a home’s exterior.

My New Skill

Before we start, please watch this video to get familiarise with book keeping basics.

In any business, basic bookkeeping skills is essential. Bookkeeping is not as technical as we believe it to be. It is as simple as recording the transactions of the business and can actually be done by anyone, even non-accounting people. It is a skill that can be learned due to the repetitiveness and routinary nature of bookkeeping. Anyone can be able to keep books well with the right attitude and perseverance.

As a new employee, here are some simple bookkeeping techniques that will keep you on top of it.

Bookkeeping is usually more difficult at the start since we have to familiarise the different accounts used and the system employed for bookkeeping. We wouldn’t expect to be experts right away and we need to allow ourselves a reasonable learning curve before we get the hang of things.

In order to be able to get better at bookkeeping though, we have to employ a few techniques that bookkeepers and accountants use in order to be able to record transactions accurately and timely. Here are a few things that we could do to sharpen our bookkeeping skills.

  1. Consistency in entries. We should be mindful to keep our entries as uniform as possible in order for financial statements to be consistent as well. There may be entries that use different accounts for the same transaction. We need to avoid this as it causes confusion.
  2. Entries should be in chronological order. Making entries this way is simpler to understand for both the bookkeeper and the end user.
  3. Make descriptions concise but complete. All details must be factored in however it should be short and simple enough that can easily be understood at a glance.
  4. Balance figures first for compound entries. Sometimes, there is a need for compound entries especially for more complicated transactions. In order to make sure that figures are balanced, we should check it first to ascertain that figures are indeed balanced and to avoid any possible errors that may arise.

Breakdown compound entries when possible. Compound entries are fine for accountants or expert bookkeepers in Perth. However they often require more technical expertise. It is simpler for everyone to break off compound entries into simple ones that are easier to prep

7 ONLINE campaigning trends that would rock in 2014:


I recently got a really cool job at Hype Marketing who is a Perth SEO Agency. Its a bit of a drive from where we are staying, but Im so excited and I’ve already learnt so much in this last week with them.

Here’s some quick tips if you have a business and would like to know where to focus your marketing on in 2014.

1. Content marketing will be bigger than ever.

2. Social Media Marketing.

3. Image – Centric content will rule

4. Simplicity: Less will be more

5. Mobile-friendly content

6. Ad retargeting

7. SEO & Social Signals

Social media marketing plays a major role in the modern marketing era. A lot of people get connected to various social media platforms and hence to promote a business, one should really be connected with a lot of people on the social media platforms. Not just being connected, one should also maintain a clear image as clear image promotes trust and faith in the customers and hence earn more revenue on a longer run. We have seen lot of big firms recalling products that are slightly defective in lots and ultimately bearing millions of losses. However that has helped them to grow further as a brand.

Not just good social media campaign, the content they use should also be very simple and it should be clubbed with good authority seo to attract a lot of audience. The more people your campaign reaches, the more number of customers you get.  A lot of people used mobile devices now a days and hence mobile friendly content is also very important aspect in an online business or campaign. One should have content that suits both the regular computer browsers and also mobile browsers. One can also try to launch a mobile application that delivers content in the best way and most optimized way.

Best Chinese Takeaway In Perth, Hands Down!

chinese takeaway perth

Yes,we are still in Perth. This city is pretty amazing. Its like a smaller version of Los Angeles. Well anyways, we stumbled across a really nice chinese takeaway in perth tonight. It was about 5 minutes from the city. We ordered chinese food to be delivered to our mates place in East Perth, and I must say it was amazing. If you get a chance, you have to try their Shredded Fillet Steak with Plum sauce, it was really delicious. And guess what? The shop name is actually called Delicious. Try it guys, I highly recommend it!

The Only Dentist Open on a Sunday

dentist banner

Me and the boys were out on having drinks at a local pub in Fremantle, on sunday afternoon. We were having a quiet sunday drinks and this guy just starts yelling at people passing by the pub. The staff quickly attended to this matter and this man, just started pushing everyone around.

This man was extremely rude, so I decided to go up to him to settle him down. But “kapow” he just smacks me in the mouth and breaks my front tooth. That didnt take long did it? Itll be the last time i try to settle someone down.

Well, anyway I had to look for dentist in fremantle, because i’m not ready to walk around with a broken front tooth. I think we must of tried every dentist in fremantle. It was not until the last one on High street. Hooray! it was open.

So, if anyone breaks their tooth and needs a dentist on a sunday. Visit these guys at www.dentistfremantle.com.au.

Fake Grass, The Growing Trend

Being in Australia, one of the growing trends I see happening is Fake Grass.
They have a few names for it such as, synthetic turf and artificial grass. Perth has got to be one of the cities in Australia that is growing faster than ever.
With all these new homes getting built on teeny little blocks of land, its no wonder residents have chosen this as an alternative to real grass.
Some of the benefits I see is, it is virtually low maintenance and always looks great. Save water and you never have to mow or fertilise your lawn.
Since observing this trend, I have noticed a variety of textures and colours it comes in. There are different shades of green  and some even incorporate dried leaves so it looks more realistic.
I have seen some imitate the buffalo type lawn and it actually feels quite real.
Obviously the biggest fault I see is the fact that it can get pretty hot. Im not 100% sure what its made from, but it seems like some form of plastic.
If you haven’t seen them before, take a look here.

Worst Experience Ever, but Luckily…

It was Friday night, and the boys were bugged after a big day at work. We come home and find out our tap just broke off and water is absolutely everywhere.

It even started leaking into the carpet area, luckily we got to it before it got worse.

I went outside immediately and switched off the water to avoid any other damages.

I started looking for a plumber online and the best I could get was, “leave us your name and number and we’ll call you back” and guess what?…

they didnt call!!

We decided to ask our friendly neighbour, he recommended I call the guys at Perth Kitchen Renovation Group.

Even though they werent a plumbing company, they knew someone that was reliable.

So we decided to give them a call, and thankfully we had one of his boys come around to help clean up the mess.

Thanks guys. If anyone needs Kitchen Renovations Perth or Bathroom Renovations, give these guys a call. We owe you guys heaps!

Our Experiment with Solar Cookers

solar cookers

Weekend with a sunny day gets more exciting when we enjoy it outdoor with our family and friends; kids use to play and elders share gossips and cook along with it, either on grills or they get it done before the augmentation of gathering. Cooking consumes a lot of energy especially, in a family gathering as compare to other activities so ultimately it leads to more expenditure due to which we prefer to gather on specific occasions but not weekly or monthly. Well this problem can get solved also. A friendly gathering can become energy efficient, less costly and eco-friendly also, if we will add clean energy equipment in it. Clean energy is meant by renewable energy over here. Solar cookers are one of its examples.

Now what is solar cooker? It is basically a device used to cook food by utilizing the energy of the sun. They are of low costs and they prove to be best for reducing your energy costs and fuel bills which bothers you weekly or monthly. They are ideally suited for countries which are blessed with great amount of sunshine such as Australia, where we can use them in winters also due to presence of more than sufficient sunlight.

The food that we cook includes cooking of rice, cereals, or deep frying, baking and roasting. Now the second question arises in our mind, that what kind of food we can cook in it, and then there is need to bother, as solar cookers are available in two types:

  • Box type solar cooker: It uses a plane mirror as a reflector and it is mostly used for normal cooking. It produces a temperature of around 100-150 degrees per Celsius.
  • Spherical or parabolic reflector type: It uses a spherical mirror as a reflector and it is mostly used for deep frying and roasting. It produces a temperature of around 1500 degrees per Celsius.


  • One of the most important advantages of a solar cooker is that it can be used for cooking food free of cost for many years.
  • It saves fuel, a non renewable source.
  • Solar cooker does not produce smoke or other residue due to which the environment does not get polluted.
  • When food is cooked in solar cooker all the nutrients are retained and do not get destroyed as it cooks food at a very low temperature.
  • You can’t get your food burnt even if you desire eating it later than expected.
  • Solar cooking in summer does not let your home to get heat up as it get by the use of other cooking equipments. This can give you a great relief even without air conditioning.


  • It can’t be used at night.
  • It can’t be used under poor weather conditions such as rainy day or cloudy day.
  • They are not efficient in peak winters.
  • If you need the cooking to be done quickly or in hurry then you can’t do it in solar cooker.

The benefits as usual overcome the drawbacks which make this equipment quite unique. Now you can buy a commercial solar cooker for few dollars or up to 25 dollars. You can also build your own solar cooker if you are quite do-it yourself kind of person. You can get instructions from internet. It can be made from simple cardboard box, newspaper for insulation purpose and some glad wrap.

Related Sources : www.solarpowerbrisbanehq.com.au


Its Party Time!

I love movies and especially those that are based on science fiction and fantasy. Due to this fact, I love all the series of harry potter and star wars. I was amazed that not only I am fond of them but my siblings and all the kids in the family were also fond of these two movies. So we all decided to throw a party based on the theme of fantasy and fiction. We did a lot of research for conducting the party and finally decided the venue, outfits, activities, food cuisine and most of all the date of celebration.

bouncy castle hire

sourced from http://www.perthbouncycastlehire.com.au/

We celebrated this collaborated two theme party during this summer. All the kids and elders were too excited for this party. We asked all the guests and friends to come in either harry potter character costumes or in star wars character costumes. I selected Hermione’s dress as my costume as I love her and all the kids were wearing Ron’s and harry potter’s costume. All the elders were looking like scientists coming from a spaceship and it was just looking like magical science party.

The venue was our backyard as the environment was warm at that time so we all decided to conduct the party in our backyard as it is a cheap venue and moreover we can enjoy there as much as we want not like other rented places where we can celebrate only for the decided duration. We saved money like this and we incorporate this money in food and other activities.

In food we create our own cuisine and use dry ice for making all the meals as the fog coming out of the food gives a look of fiction drama. Every plate was looking like a volcano of hot steamy water. All the kids loved the appetizers and starters. We made cocktails and named them on the series of the star wars and harry potter. Chocolate candies and chocolate sticks were made like wands. My favorites were the sugar candies on which the harry potter’s characters were imprinted and the little cupcakes in spaceships shapes were extraordinary. My mother and I have decided for all this creation and we were happy as everybody was appreciating and loving the food.

Talking about activities then we also include a lots of activities so as to not get bore and we install a jumping castle on which one side was draped by star wars characters and on the other side harry potter characters were imprinted. It was for both kids and elders so it was also safe. For further safety we installed foam mats around the castle so that if anybody would jump out of the castle then he/she would not get injured. The kids and I loved the jumping castle out of all activities as it relieves all of my stress and it gives me endless hours of laughing. I don’t remember the last time when I had so much fun. I don’t think any disc party or other party can compete with jumping castles in order of providing fun.

My face started aching by laughing and I had butterflies in my stomach and I can’t explain how much fun was that. Just like that we ended the party with a small heart. The memories will always remain with me and my entire friends and family members. I hope that we will organize such party again. Fingers crossed!

The Beginning


We packed our stuff, and ready to head off to Sydney Airport to our first stop…..Perth…..

We got a few friends staying there, so we might be able to get some free accommodation!!


We are looking to stay here for 4 weeks, but lets see what happens.

Can’t wait! First thing is accommodation…then find a job!

Stay Tuned!